Saturday, March 22, 2008

Why I love Signing Time?

Top-ten reasons why I love Signing Time?

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10. Alex and Leah are cute and funny.
9. Rachel & staff is very creative in keeping learning fun.
8. Signing time songs are entertaining and touchy.
7. It keeps my son occupied so that my wife and I can finish our meal :-)
6. It boosts my son's creativity as he develops his own new signs! It helps my grey cells deciphering his new dictionary!
5. Repeating after Rachel helps me understand how to follow a woman's directions and keeps my wife happy!
4. It is a good way to have quality family time together.
3. It is the best way to relax with my son after a tiring day...without moving an inch ;-)
2. When I miss going to the gym, I at least get satisfaction that I exercised my fingers and hands :-)
1. It is the best way to combine learning, creativity and fun for kids.


Friday, March 14, 2008


Life becomes interesting when you expect less than perfection from others, but you strive for perfection.

Think about it!