Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Random reflections

We are here for a brief time. For a duration unknown to us.
We get onto this planet by pure chance.
Each of us goes through the same journey, yet each journey is unique.
Each path is unquestionably unique.
We meet people along the way and form deep bond of friendship, love, affection.
Each of these relationships and each bond is like no other.
Some sustain the tide of time, some don't.
Sometimes we get trapped into the false pretense of power, ego, etc.

I have realized ----
   accumulating books does not make you knowledgeable.
   reading more books does not necessarily make you wise.
   you will always get experience, learning is optional.
   what remains with us after we have forgotten all that is taught in school, is real education.
   having one friend who is noticeably biased to you, can add so much joy to your life.   
   you can be far away from a person and still feel very close.
  you can sit next to a person yet still be at a faraway place.
  past memories are helpful only if you reflect and learn from them.
  it is easier to say something and then repent on it than to reflect and then say it.
  if you are serious enough the Truth finds you.
  time flies faster than we realize but life happens only in moments.
  Time can be your friend or foe depending on how you look at it and use it.
  the more fragmented life we live, more immune we are to the stress.
  doing something NOW has more pleasure and value than deferring the decision and repenting it later.
  falling in love is easy, walking together is difficult.
  keeping your sanity while everyone is losing theirs is easier said than done.
  tomorrow never comes.
  time spent alone is never wasted.
  life is a journey without specific destination and we should treat it so without carrying burdens of the past and lingering at any one stop more than necessary.
  everything changes - so either you learn to adapt or just go with the flow.
  wanting "just a little more" is a never-ending game.
  being grateful for every moment here is the only way to find true happiness.
  to see what's particular in what is general and what is general in what is particular is an art worth mastering.
  things and people are not what they seem and, sometimes, it is actually good.


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