Saturday, September 25, 2004


So what's this all about? I had heard about bloggers, even read that people take immense pride and pleasure in posting their own views on their own "cyberspace". Recently, a friend of mine invited me to visit his blog, and I thought, well, this seems interesting. At least, I get a chance to share my thoughts with millions others (one hopes!) without even knowing them. That's how I got caught into this.
Is this Just Another Blog (JAB)? (I bet you wondered what JAB stands for when you clicked on this link :)). Well, perhaps yes. But again, perhaps not. As I have not visited many blogs, I don't know if there is any predefined pattern to this, and therefore, my postings would probably be a bit different than what you see elsewhere. But, again, there might be some conformity you will witness, because I am probably just like you -- yet another blogger!
Let's see how things work out...